A week away

Bags Catherine Lake Bled Slovenia Travel Vintgar Gorge

We were recently lucky enough to be invited to Slovenia for a fairy tale wedding. Normally travelling poses a number of problems, especially with hand luggage. What's a girl to do? There are a number of criteria that must be fulfilled including, but not limited to, copious amounts of drawing materials and food for the children. There was only one solution - The Catherine Maxi bag. This was perfect for all the bits and pieces needed for a swimming trip to the lake (Lake Bled), or a hike along the gorge (Vintgar).

A good 5000 step trek meant that we needed to carry everything needed for two adults and two children for two hours; water, Savlon, snacks, plasters, baby-wipes you name it.

Since then we have added a new Catherine weekender bag to our collection which I am sure will do us just as proud for carting about the all and sundry whenever you need.


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